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From the guy who created 13 new Millionaires, who’s company done over $100m in sales since March 2012 and closes 95% of everyone he talks to, and founded Empower Network: You have the chance to tune in at 3pm Eastern to watch him live in front of an audience!

Here’s what he says about the training you will see: ‘This is literally "The Secret Formula" that's allowed me to out recruit... well, at least everyone that I know. Ever. I've used what I'm teaching this Saturday to recruit over 5,000 people into Empower Network in the last 2 1/2 years. This is the EXACT strategy that I used to become the #1 recruiter in FOUR separate direct sales companies in the last 5 years online - before Empower Network even existed.'

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Bill Thomson

Push Button Success


Push Button Success

If you’ve ever looked at what it takes to run a home based business on the Internet you may realise that you will need a lot of systems and tools in place, most of which will need to be paid for.

Let’s say you want to make money from affiliate commissions or by becoming a network marketer, your starting point will be a website or blog. This sounds simple enough, but you'll need to take out a hosting account, buy domain names for your website, become an expert at designing a website, pay for lead capture tool, pay for advertising, write content and design graphics, write and send emails to your potential customers, etc.

It can take years of trial and error to learn just some of the skill needed to even begin to make some money online. I should know! I spent 10 years moving in and out of the ‘make money online’ scene, spending around $28,000 paying for various courses, software, eBooks, etc.  

The thing is, I can build websites, I can write blog posts, and I can create videos.  I can design advertising banners and all that good stuff. I’m now an expert – almost!

Even after 10 years or learning, there are still a couple of areas that I’m not so such an expert at… getting lots of visitors (traffic) to sites, and email marketing. Not to worry thought, as I've spent another $1785 in the last few months on training course.

Thank Goodness for Push Button Systems

Can you imagine going through all that training? The good news is – you don’t have to.

Fortunately there are now some very good systems out there where all the above work has been done for you. Someone totally new can, for a reasonable monthly fee, join a system and enjoy making money online without any technical skills. The only extra cost is paying for advertising to drive more people to the system. The more people that join the system from the traffic you paid for, the more commissions you will earn.

Of course, while the Push Button System is running on auto-pilot, you can learn free or low cost traffic strategies which can earn you even more money!

Like an Agency

Imagine a real world building with offices, and you’ve turned up at the door.  Above the door is a big sign ‘Business Opportunity Agency’.  A Push Button System is like walking up to that building and getting all the people in the various departments working for you, dealing with advertising, email marketing, training, finance, and so on. You pay them a monthly fee for using them.

As the marketing department goes to work on your behalf and brings in more customers you earn commissions. BOOM! Job done!

Currently there are two Push Button Systems that I work with right now.
One is called iPAS2 – and is in the final stages of launching! It’s been described as a hand build, highly polished Ferrari sitting in the garage just waiting to let lose! I for one am very excited about the potential this system has to offer. Thousands of people are queuing up at the door for this one, including me!

The other is a recently launched system is called The Freedom Fighters Network. They will give you $150 if you do not make money using their system.  I got 4 signups in the first 2 days, and 10 by day 9!

Push Button Traffic

Usually the only other extra expense of a done-for-you system is paying for advertising (also known as traffic) which is ordered from within the system, but is usually outsourced. Paying someone to do your advertising for you is the fastest way to build a business online, and is what most of the big earners are doing.

A Hassel Free Life

If you want to make money online, but not have to worry about learning Internet marketing, building websites and all that good stuff, then get plugged into a system - a done-for-you, push-button, hassel free success system.

By now you should realise with a push button system it's simply a case of signing up and following the simple steps within the system.

Why not try The Freedom Fighter's Network today?

Bill Thomson


Introducing: The Freedom Fighter's Network

While we're all excited and waiting with baited breath for the awesome iPAS2 done-for-you sales system to be finalized we got a big surprise presented to us in the form of The Freedom Fighters Network.

iPAS2 has been described as a hand build, top of the range Ferrari sitting in the garage, and by the looks of what we’ve seen so far, I have to agree. When this hand build, highly polished automated sales system is released, it will change the way money is made online for good!

It’s not surprising then that there have been other enterprising people out there who want to build a ‘system’ of their own.  Less than 10 days ago of writing this, The Freedom Fighter’s Network was launched – and already 5,000 plus members jumped on board.

It may not be as polished as iPAS2, far from it actually, but it is exciting and simple…

It’s simply a case of joining and following the simple steps as laid out within the site.

Within 2 days I had 4 sign-ups, then traffic that I had ordered as part of one of the steps started arriving – and I got even more sign-ups!

Yes it costs money to join and sign up to the other parts of the system, but commissions from my first two people have already covered those costs. Not only did it become a free system, but one that's earning an me and income. Who wouldn't want an extra income, especially when it's not hard to do?

It’s actually quite exciting and fun. I love sending traffic to the lead capture page, and receiving Money Dance emails like the one below! 

More features and benefits are being added at this time, including one feature; a blogging platform just like the one you’re on just now, that will pay out 100% commissions to those who take up the affiliate offer!

Growing this business is simple

If you follow the steps, The Freedom Fighters Network guarantee you will make money or they will pay you $150! 

So here’s what you do… Sign up to the 7 day free trial, then you pay $47 per month. In the next step it’s recommended you subscribe to the autoresponder connected to the system. That’s another $30 per month after the $1 trial is over. You don’t have to do this as it’s optional.

Then in one of the following steps you have the option buy traffic (visitors) to your landing page where people come and see the opportunity. A percentage of which will sign up. This part is a numbers game. The more people see your opportunity to make money the more will sign up.

The more that sign up, the more you make. For every person paying $47 per month, you get $30. For every person that opts for the autoresponder, you get $15

They do teach you a FREE traffic method using Facebook, so again you don’t have to buy visitors, but it’s the quickest way to grow your income, even though there is an expense at the beginning. Most people that have been doing this kind of thing for a while understand that paying for traffic is a numbers game and when you get good results you know that for every $1 you spend on traffic you’re buying $3, for example!

More Features

More features are being added such as traffic and conversions tracking, so you can see if the traffic you’re paying for is paying off. An eWallet is in the process of being added to enable you to send commissions to your bank account. A viral blogging platform, with training so you can get free traffic via blog posts, and earn even more commissions from the resale of the blogging platform itself!

It’s all good!

Let’s do the money dance!

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Rare Interview - Chris Jones on iPAS2

Ex FBI agent turns to the Internet to find success... Now after 4 years in development his iPAS2 system is open to you... so you too can have success.  
It is my pleasure to share it with you today. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE for more information and to see a video from Chris Jones's partner - the 'Pizza Boy Millionaire'



Generate 300 Leads Per Day on Autopilot

If you don't have leads - you don't have a business!

Be like Groupon! Collect emails, send offers, make money! 

Where would Groupon be if it didn't collect emails? It simply wouldn't be in business. Just like any online marketer you really do need to build a list of people you can market to. It's the lifeblood of any online business.

Home Business Opportunity

The best part of this lead generation system - it's also a home business opportunity. In other worlds - this is something YOU can make money from!

What If You Don't Have An Online Business

So, you want to make money online, but as of yet you haven't started anything - here's what you can do to get started...

Firstly, this leads generation business is a home based business, and you can make money from it. If you join through my link, I will show you what to do if you find it confusing. I will show you how to set it up so it self-promotes and grows itself!

Secondly, I recommend you take these leads who are already looking for a business opportunity, and send them to your Empower Network affiliate link so you, and the people who join can benefit from the wonderful 100% commissions and build your online empire even more!

Thirdly, there is another bolt-on business that you can place in between the first and second parts to this system. It's called iPAS2. It's a done-for-your selling system. Once you have this, you have an almost fully automated lead generation and product selling system set up, bringing you in money from 3 separate sources!

Traffic, Leads, and Sales In Your Sleep!

With the automated traffic system, the iPAS2 product selling system and the juicy Empower Network 100% commissions and high ticket products (that the iPAS2 system also promote for you), you can make a brilliant, almost care free life for yourself, earning money whilst you sleep!

All three systems will generate an income for you, not just one or the other! All three!

Here's a video from my sponsor and freind, Keith, that will explain how the three systems work together:

Follow These 3 Simple Steps to an Automated Online Empire

1. Click here to get the traffic system and home business opportunity

2. Grab your iPAS2 account - which is currently free  (value: $147)

3. Grab your Empower Network affiliate account - ($19.95pm)

Once you've done that, and I see you've been added, I will connect with you and give you access to any and all the training you need.

Lets get started today!

Bill Thomson

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