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Rare Interview - Chris Jones on iPAS2

Ex FBI agent turns to the Internet to find success... Now after 4 years in development his iPAS2 system is open to you... so you too can have success.  
It is my pleasure to share it with you today. Enjoy!

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Generate 300 Leads Per Day on Autopilot

If you don't have leads - you don't have a business!

Be like Groupon! Collect emails, send offers, make money! 

Where would Groupon be if it didn't collect emails? It simply wouldn't be in business. Just like any online marketer you really do need to build a list of people you can market to. It's the lifeblood of any online business.

Home Business Opportunity

The best part of this lead generation system - it's also a home business opportunity. In other worlds - this is something YOU can make money from!

What If You Don't Have An Online Business

So, you want to make money online, but as of yet you haven't started anything - here's what you can do to get started...

Firstly, this leads generation business is a home based business, and you can make money from it. If you join through my link, I will show you what to do if you find it confusing. I will show you how to set it up so it self-promotes and grows itself!

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Thirdly, there is another bolt-on business that you can place in between the first and second parts to this system. It's called iPAS2. It's a done-for-your selling system. Once you have this, you have an almost fully automated lead generation and product selling system set up, bringing you in money from 3 separate sources!

Traffic, Leads, and Sales In Your Sleep!

With the automated traffic system, the iPAS2 product selling system and the juicy Empower Network 100% commissions and high ticket products (that the iPAS2 system also promote for you), you can make a brilliant, almost care free life for yourself, earning money whilst you sleep!

All three systems will generate an income for you, not just one or the other! All three!

Here's a video from my sponsor and freind, Keith, that will explain how the three systems work together:

Follow These 3 Simple Steps to an Automated Online Empire

1. Click here to get the traffic system and home business opportunity

2. Grab your iPAS2 account - which is currently free  (value: $147)

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Once you've done that, and I see you've been added, I will connect with you and give you access to any and all the training you need.

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Bill Thomson


The Importance of Branding Yourself

Why do you need to brand yourself?

Brand yourself! Get your name out there. Let people know who you are.
The search engines lean towards brands when they show search results. This is what you want if you are looking for organic search traffic to your web pages. 

Branding yourself also portrays a congruent message and instils trust. 

You can brand you, i.e. your name, your business’s name or your website’s name.

If you are looking to become an Internet Marketer for example, you want to brand your name, as you will need people see you, trust you, get to know you and like you, join your team and buy your products.

If you have a small business, you need to brand the name of your business, and if you’re running a website you will need to brand that.

Getting Accounts Set Up

Why do you need these account?

This is all part of the branding process. When you’re building your business and communicating with others, you need to be yourself. You need to know who you are. You want others to know who your are, and be attracted to you as a person; a person they resonate with and trust.

The second reason why you should open these accounts, and more if you want, is for sharing your content, creating backlinks and traffic to your blog, networking with others and the free Google tools.

Here are some accounts that you need to open: 
•    Google – Gmail, G+, YouTube, Chrome browser, analytics, Keyword Planner Tool, blogger, AdSense etc.
•    Facebook and/or Facebook Page to connect with others for free marketing
•    Twitter 
•    LinkedIn
•    Pinterest

Get a Personal Blog

How many people, be it Internet Gurus, celebrities, or any public figure do you know that doesn't have a blog?

NONE. They all have blogs. Go on and try it - pick a celebrity or Internet Marketing Guru, type their name into a search engine with the word 'blog' at the end of it and see how many actually have blogs. You will find they all do.
You should have a blog too. This is a major part or your branding.

Keep It Simple

You don't want to be spending all your time learning how to set up a blog, worry about hosting, and all that stuff! It takes up too much of your valuable time.

You can grab a blog just like this one you're on right now for only $25 per month. All the technical stuff is taken care of for you behind the scenes. Hosting and support is included.

Grab your Viral Blogging System by CLICKING HERE.

BONUS: If you buy this blog, we will give you access to nearly $1000 worth of step-by-step training which includes everything from creating your first blog post to getting traffic!

Grab your Viral Blogging System by CLICKING HERE and brand yourself properly. If a blog is good enough for Richard Brandson  and even the President of The United States of America, then you should have one too! Period!

Bill Thomson


Cancer! So, What Would You Do?


Cancer! So, What Would You Do?

In this story I talk about cancer, work, death, life choices and animal cruelty. If these subjects upset you or offend you then please do not read any further.

I have what I think is a sad story to tell you. It’s about someone I know who has cancer. Of course, it’s sad when anyone gets cancer, especially a loved one. My own father was a victim of prostate cancer, and passed away 5 days before his 80th birthday. This story is about someone I used to work with. I didn’t know him very well, or even his age, but I do know that he’s not near retirement age!

He had been diagnosed with cancer, and he decided to keep it a secret to his workmates, at least all bar a select few that he knew quite well.
News and gossip tends to spread in offices and factories quite readily, and I just found out that he had been given one year to live.

Voluntary Redundancy

The same office where he works has been seeking to reduce the number of staff (and by the way, for privacy and legal reasons, I will not mention this person’s name or place of work – sorry about that.),  and have been asking if anyone wished to take up a generous voluntary redundancy deal. In most cases this would equate to two years’ worth of pay or most people. 

So... what would you do?

Let’s say you’ve just been told you have a year to live, would you:

a.    Take the two years pay and go enjoy the rest of your days, or 
b.    Continue working.

Now, obviously the choice is his, it’s his life and his death. Unselfishly, he chose to work for two reasons. He does not like sitting about the house with nothing to do, is reason number one. The second reason why he chose to work on, is when he does die (as we all will at some point), his wife will get extra money as his death will be ‘in service’.

So, again, I ask the question... what would you do?

Here is an unselfish, hardworking man, quite willing to spend his last months on earth working as much as he can because he doesn’t want to get bored sitting in the house not knowing what to do with himself, and so his widow can get an extra payment after his death.

One half of me respects his decision wanting to provide, but the other half of me feels sorry for him for not wanting to take the money, leave work, and take his wife somewhere nice where they can spend quality time together, go on a cruise, and just enjoy the remainder of his life doing the things that two years’ worth of pay could bring.

The Logging Elephants 

When I first heard about this person’s situation, and his want to keep working, I couldn’t help thinking about the story of the Elephants that are trained to be loggers in certain parts of the world.

First, a baby elephant is tethered to a stake in the ground. This young elephant can’t move much at all. Because of all the ropes and because it’s too young and doesn’t yet have the strength, it can’t pull the stake out of the ground to break free. After struggling and struggling for so long – it simply can’t get away. Its spirit is broken, and eventually it stops trying.

As this magnificent beast grows it in size and power, enough power to push over trees and lift huge logs, whenever it’s tethered to the stake in the ground again – it still believes it can’t get free – so it doesn’t even try!

This massive, powerful beast could easily rip the stake from the ground and nothing could stop it, but it believes is can't, so it doesn’t. It doesn’t know any better. It’s been conditioned to live like this, and sadly we humans are conditioned to live in a certain way too!

Break free! Break free and live.

Break free and live while you're still able.

Don't be like the elephant that thinks he can't.

You can! 

Enjoy what time you have left!

Bill Thomson

Blogging For Money


Blogging For Money

Every month, over three and a half thousand people turn to Google, the world’s number one visited website, to find out how they can get started ‘blogging for money’!

It’s a great question, but it does open up many more questions that require many more answers. However, we can break them down into two sections:

  1. What is the best blogging platform to use for making money blogging,
  2. and what are the best ways to monetize a blog.

Check out this video where I talk about the methods and blogging platforms that I've used over the years, and what I currently use!

Blogging Platforms

There are many blogging platforms that are excellent, but not all of them are suitable for blogging for money. 

Most of the popular free blogging systems will not allow certain affiliate links or other monetization methods, so in order to make as much money from blogging as possible you will need to either have as much control over the blogging platform as possible, or use one that’s purpose built and designed to make you money!


Let’s take a look at some of the blogging platforms out there:

Blogger: Owned by Google. This site can be monetized by Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate banners.  However, they do not like ‘Make Money Online’ type sites, or various other affiliate links. As you don’t own the blog, all your hard work and writing may be shut down if they don’t like what you’re doing.

Tumblr: Tumblr simply do not allow affiliate marketing on their site. I wouldn’t even attempt it.

WordPress: WordPress is a good platform to use, but it comes in two versions:  

  • Wodpress.com is a free platform, and no affiliate marketing is allowed.
  • Wordpress.org is a self-hosted platform. You will need to register a domain name and get a hosting account.

WordPress by far is the most popular way of blogging for money as you own the domain name, you control everything, and no one can take down your site if they don’t like what you’re doing.

As this is so popular I will focus on this a bit more… There are a few down sides to a self-hosted WordPress site or blog.

  • Firstly, WordPress sites are constantly under attack by hackers trying to find a back door to your server, so there are constant security updates.
  • Secondly, you will need to take the time to learn how best to set up a WordPress blog.

Fortunately there are courses out there that will show you step by step on how to set them up. The best and most comprehensive course I’ve found is one by George Brown called Google Sniper 2. Here you get a step-by-step guide to setting up a WordPress site for the sole purpose of blogging for money.

The Other Platforms: There are a few more platforms out there that can be use, such as Weebly, Yola and Blinkweb, but unfortunately I’ve never used them so you will have to do some research yourself.

I’ve use WordPress for many years, but now I use a fairly new blogging platform from Empower Network. It’s called the Viral Blogging System (VBS), and it’s designed for people like you and me who are interested in blogging for money!

Viral Blogging System

The beauty of the VBS, apart from the fact that it’s designed for those who want to make money with a blog, is that unlike a self-hosted WordPress site, there is virtually nothing to set up other than deciding on a Title and a Description. It's so  simple, easy and quick. You can have your own blog set up withing three minutes.

Furthermore, it’s connected to the Empower Network site, which is one of the top 500 visited sites globally, giving your site power and authority in the search engines. On top of that, just like Tumblr, and the free version of WordPress, other users can, if they like, comment on you posts, like and re-blog your posts, adding further to the Viral Sustainability or your blog! 

For only $25 per month you can set up as many niche targeted blogs as you like! Hosting and technical support is included in this price. It's what I use!

=> Get your card out, Click Here and sign up for you blog. It only takes 3 minutes!

=> CLICK HERE to watch a video on how the awesomely powerful Viral Blogging System has changed lives by blogging for money!

Monetization Options

There are many ways to monetize a blog. The thing is there are not many sites left that don’t have advertising on them these days. The Internet thrives on advertising revenue. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to make money from your blog. Here are some of the methods I've used or currently use to make money online.

AdSense: If you have a Google account and your content is not spammy rubbish, you can apply for an AdSense account. If you’re not sure what AdSense is, the next time you visit a website, look for an advert that says ‘Ads by Google’.

Depending on what you want to blog about, depends on how much you make every time someone click on your ads. Never be tempted to click on your own ads or you will soon have your new revenue stream shut down!

Amazon affiliate program: You can apply for an Amazon affiliate account once you have a blog up and running. Amazon offer banner ads, search boxes and direct links to pages or products. You just need to choose a product relevant to the subject of your blog. You can even review a product and then let people know they can buy it through your link. Click here for more from Amazon.

Commission Junction: Commission junction is a website where thousands of companies (Advertisers) go to list their products and services for website and blog owners (Publishers) to promote for a commission. However, as a publisher, you will need to apply and be approved before you can promote any of the products or services. Visit www.cj.com for more info.

ClickBank: These are mainly digital products and services such as eBooks, ‘how to’ information, tutorials, member sites, etc. Typically you can earn between 50% and 75% of the product’s initial costs. Some of the services require memberships and this means you can earn recurring commissions every month. Selling a few of these kinds of products can make a nice monthly income.

100% commissions: Some sites offer you 100% commissions on the products they offer for a small monthly fee.

For example, for $19.95 p/m, Empower Network offers 100% commissions on their products which range from $25 to $3000! Two of their lower priced products, the $25 and $100 products attract monthly recurring payments. This means every customer at this level will bring in $125 per month. Other products pay out $200, $500, and $1000 commissions. In fact, one customer could make you over $4000 in commissions. Personally, this is my favourite and the one company that I actively promote more than anything. Click here and watch the video for more information.

Blogging For Money – Your Best Options

Which Platform to Use

Clearly, when it comes to blogging for money, the best blogging platform is either:

  1. The self-hosted WordPress blog platform, which will require you to get a hosting account and domain name. Once you have that you will need to install a suitable theme, plug-ins and set things up how you want them to look. 
  2. The other option is to opt for the done for youEmpower Network Viral Blogging System – made for those looking to make money from blogging. Requires not set up and includes hosting.

Which Monetization Method to Use

If you go with the WordPress platform, you can use any kind of make money method you choose, but some free themes don’t allow you to place AdSense on the site.

If you use the VBS, it’s already connected to the Empower Network products and services, and as an affiliate you can capitalize on it. You can also use all of the other affiliate methods mentioned above, except AdSense. 

In Conclusion

So for me, the Empower Network's Viral Blogging Platform, their affiliate account, and the 100% commissions on their products are my blogging for money choice. 

Who wouldn't want a blogging platform that's been designed by marketers, for marketers, and pays very high commissions on the products it sells? 

If you agree, or want to see a video with real people making real money, then hit the button below!

Bill Thomson


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